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So it's been a week and my parents and us are now just emailing back and forth. I have been heart broken, forcing myself to eat and breath. I hate this!

After our large fight it has turned into a request by my parents for us to sign off on some property that we co-own with them that is meant for us to go to as a family and enjoy together. Now that Mono is in our lives they figure he has some kind of say on how it is used. I don't see how it would be any different than other chosen family such as my ex girlfriend of 15 years. She has no say on what we do with that property, yet we consider her our family as we now consider Mono. Any close friends we bring there wouldn't have any say either... do they really think that Mono would have a legal right?

There has been a confession that perhaps they would think of me in a "V" more easily if I had chosen a women to have another relationship with. Interesting... not sure what that means.

We have managed at this point to at least be on speaking terms around them seeing our son. We have told them we won't deny them access to him and won't keep him from going over there. This is good as it means in his eyes there is nothing of significance going on.

Fortunately my brother took the news differently. He is working on his doctorate in behavioural biology and so saw the whole thing from the view point of human behaviour. Whatever gets him through I guess. At least he's rational and I actually learned something from him. He had a lot of questions that I did my best to answer, such as why we would chose a relationship rather than just having sex with others and how does my husband feel about it all.

My husbands mum rocked! She is totally fine as long as we are happy. She thought it makes total sense in this day and age of cheating and infidelity, the breaking down of families and what comes out of that for the next generation. She is re-married and thought she might of considered our life style had it been an option back then.

And so we muddle through and are managing....

Thanks for all the support and the private messages I am getting. You are all so very kind and I feel so loved.... that's what it's all about isn't it! I honestly feel very surrounded by love and very cared for. I am very fortunate and grateful. It amazes me how good the world can be when we all love each other and help each other through. It makes me feel like there is such hope for us all.
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