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Originally Posted by Setxfamily View Post
A lot of damage can be done with a nail gun. Just ask a good friend of mine when he accidently nailed his hand to the floor. OUCH!

I have a custom made sword and dagger set that was made for me a long time ago plus many others as well. I use to have more until we had a bunch of stuff stollen during a move including a viking long sword and battle axe. We had a two handed claymore, several fencing swords, but my main preference is daggers.

Johns Hopkins Student Kills Burglar With Samurai Sword
Love the story at the end there. Something like that over here, would unfortunately have the law on there side. Which is completely stupid. Everyone has a right to defend their property, even if you have to kill them as a last resort. They certainly won't be coming round stealing my stuff again will they? =P

That's one thing I'd love to see change over here.

That's a bummer that you had some cool stuff stolen yourself. I'm lucky to never have been robbed so far. Most of my expensive gear is in my bedroom though. One of the last places someone will go when they want to rob a place. They can take my awful TV in the living room, they will be lucky to get anything for it. That's if they can even carry it out of the house. =P
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