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RP, Mono, sorry to hear of the upset, but I get it from your family's point of view.

They are concerned and confused and obviously toting some heavy baggage of their own. Especially your mom, RP. Is it any wonder they reacted the way they did? I think not. Unfortunately Mono, while you felt you were participating in everything with RP's family as an equal family member, they never viewed it as such, because they can't conceive of the notion or the happiness it brings you three.

This was what I touched about in an earlier thread about some sort of National Coming Out Day for Poly that some of our forum people wanted. Why? For what? The public/society in general barely grasps the gay/lesbian topic after 40 years of it being hammered home to everyone in every possible media form (no pun intended).....the poly life may take 200 years to even begin to be understood by the masses. Does it really matter, or should we just all go on leading our own happy little lives?

If people love you and care about your happiness, they'll find a way for themselves to understand and embrace it and your happiness. If they can't, so what? It's your life and your happiness. The days of doing what the Church drilled into you (again no pun intended) or society expected, should be over if you are solid in your own convictions as a family unit, IMO.
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