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Originally Posted by FlameKat View Post
In many ways your situation seems to be one of 'going at the slowest pace' - except that the slowest pace was negotiated to be no new members after you, or the loss of you (in that way?)?*

That is correct new male partners to be exact.

Originally Posted by FlameKat View Post
I think (from what I remember from previous posts)... it sounds like a period of renegotiation has cropped up, because the terms are no longer wholly acceptable - no matter how much RP says she is ok with it - she is struggling with this or it would not be an issue for posting about?*
That is also correct. And I have repeatedly commented on how I worry about her well being in this with a man who has my boundaries. I am fully aware of that and it is my burden. Things seem simple to those that share their sexuality easily so I understand their confusion.

The focus of this thread is not for me to justify my boundaries, but to explore the validity of my offered ways to work around them to some degree.

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