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Aside from the extremely direct way Magdlyn posed the questions... I feel the questions are valid...

and not just to yourself Mono... these questions pertain to my situation and to many on this forum... obviously you cannot answer for all mono partners, but your response to those questions, would be helpful to many of us on here. You are so very good at explaining your viewpoint in ways we can hear and understand.

In many ways your situation seems to be one of 'going at the slowest pace' - except that the slowest pace was negotiated to be no new members after you, or the loss of you (in that way?)? I think (from what I remember from previous posts)... it sounds like a period of renegotiation has cropped up, because the terms are no longer wholly acceptable - no matter how much RP says she is ok with it - she is struggling with this or it would not be an issue for posting about?

*I'm sorry - I am suffering quite badly from various stressors and am having difficulty putting my thoughts into words*
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