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Question When 2 of Triad (or more) have a conflict

My two partners are both a tad stubborn from time to time, and have hot tempers. As you can imagine, there are arguments and fights. No huge thing...just typical in come pairings, except they take a bit of time to kiss & make up.

For those in similar situations, what's the good role of a third (or fourth, etc) partner?

As the more calm one of the group, I've often tried to play a mediator role and try to bring them to the table to talk out the situation respectfully and calmly. I've always figured it'd be one of the pros of being in a polyamorous relationship....having someone to do that.'s never easy and frankly it wears me down. I sometimes think they'd rather both just steam and simmer for a while rather than try to resolve the conflict.
In fact, the last time it happened, neither of them would tell me what they were mad at each other about and kinda tried to leave me completely out of it.
So until they finally resolve things and make up, I'm left feeling like a desolate demilitarized zone in the middle. Ugh.

Thoughts? Advice?
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