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Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post
Every single person in our family is ADD except for Mimi. If we didn't schedule, plan and use a calendar-we'd never get anything done.
YES! I've been using Google calendar forever! Breathes can't be bothered as he just tells people to contact the keeper of the chaos--me, lol.

I'm trying, rather unsuccessfully, to get Possibility's family using one for something other than doctor appointments I know his memory sucks, as do his priorities! His partners can't respond to an email, grrrrrrrrrr. Apparently our get together isn't going to happen either . Some how I think it's because of lack of communication, memory failure and NO FREAKING CALENDAR!

I was chatting with Possibility on my way home from work yesterday (I AM going to drown my phone btw!) and apparently his male partner got his nose bent out of joint because he was here Monday for a couple of hours in the morning. I had the day off & asked if he would like to get together. Apparently he asked male partner if he minded being alone with the kids for a couple of hours & was told that was fine.

Possibility was going to come here any way because he doesn't want to give in to partner's being a 'whiny bitch'. I nixed that, told him primary relationships ALWAYS come first, to go home & see what was really going on (I used other wording, lol. "See who shit in his cornflakes" is a phrase that comes to mind)

It was a long, painful conversation but needed to happen. I feel he's taking his partners for granted, they do too judging by some of what I"ve been getting via chat. I finally ended up telling him that he needs to have a date night with EACH of his partners, not just me. He's not accepting all the blame, I'm not sure that he should. He told me it's not JUST him, they're not doing anything about it either. Money's tight for them but, he doesn't know it yet, I bought him a Cineplex/Odeon gift certificate for his birthday. I'm hoping he'll use it to take one, or both, of them for a date!

They each have their own computers in different rooms so rarely, other than meal times, spend time in the same room together.

I have half jokingly told him that he spends more quality time with me, for a couple of hours a week, than he does with them and he LIVES with them!

I offered, again (they never took me up on this last time) to babysit so they could all go out together! It sounds like he's got something in the works now *crossing fingers* because he asked me if I could babysit on the 20th.

I was a little surprised as that is the date we've asked for a 'family' get together. I tried to clarify but my phone died! grrrrrrrrrrrrr by the time I got to my computer, about ten minutes later, he was already off on another tangent *sigh*. I did email him and tell him the restrictions for that day though--it's a work night and, since I depend on transit, I would either need a ride home or have to be out of there by 5:30 so I can get home.

Off to work. IT seems I've got another rant building up so I might be able to get to it tonight or in the morning.
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