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"No, with polyamory, it's not about infidelity..." "I think you need to let go of the wistful hoping that the situation was different."

-- Oh god, that's the nail on the head right there! This love's a gift as it is, I see that. I just sort of feel I've got to follow the pain, chase it to its root before I can lose it.

"To me, it sounds like you really have a good thing with perhaps the need for a little more communication to get clarity on some issues."

We had a talk today, self-consciously wry and jovial over Mexican food as all such talks should be, but actually honest and revealing. I feel better. We settled it that while we swim around in a world full of other facts, the most important to us is we'll seemingly love each other forever. It's real and it's happening. I'd rather have those words than a ring on my finger, rather have trust than a white picket fence. You're right, it's not conventional, but it's wonderful.
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