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Originally Posted by mikey411 View Post
I know my unicorn, wants a mate who is into swinging as well. But I feel that is because she wants to explore her bi-sexual side as well and figures swinging is the only way. I'm not sure if she even knows about the poly life. But I do have to wonder if she will give that up to be with us.!
Is it possible she wants a mate who is into swinging because she really enjoys swinging, and doesn't want to give up that lifestyle? If she said she wants a swinger boyfriend, maybe that means she actually wants a swinger boyfriend.

If what she wants is to explore her bisexual side, she can do that without getting into any relationship. Are you sure you're not projecting your own hopes onto what she's saying? Asking her to clarify could be useful.

You may need to prepare for the possibility that if this grows into a triad, she might still want to swing with other men and other women. A polyfidelous relationship does not satisfy a desire for swinging.
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