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This last weekend was full of arguing and making up, typical of a family. Asha was upset with the guys, just for typical guy stuff, there was much apologizing, but I think things are resolved now. It's actually nice to fight every once in a while to help reassure me that fighting doesn't equal the end of the world. After she pushed Easy and I away last weekend, I'd been torn between defensive anger and anxiety. I have to admit that I haven't had great examples of disagreeing in my life; growing up, one person won all the fights and everyone else was expected to grovel in submission. No one openly disagreed without a large argument ensuing.

Asha and I had a long discussion about how she's feeling like no one values her, and how we can resolve that. I tried very hard to only be responsible for my own relationship, but I did pass on some suggestions to Easy. I'm trying to let go and let them have a relationship mostly free of my interference.

Asha told me that Sunday might ask me to go out for Valentine's lunch. I was shocked and stunned. Things have been better between the two of us since November, but in no way did I ever think we were to the "be seen in public" stage. It might not happen. I'm not holding my breath.

However, it did make me think about what should happen on Valentine's Day. Easy and I made arrangements that I think I can live with for him and Asha to go out. Provided he ever gets around to asking. Boys.

This was funny, and I have a limited audience to share it with: A couple of weeks ago, we were all having dinner at Asha and Sunday's house, and our male friend who's going through a divorce was there. We were talking and joking, I don't remember about what but it must have been poly in nature because Monkey looked at me with a confused look on her face and whispered, "Is he part of the group, too?" LOL! Like, "is he my new daddy?" Poor girl!
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