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I quite enjoy the idea of having a gun myself. For something like defense... But you have to realise, there are idiots out there who will do more harm than good. I'm willing to not have a gun so that no idiot can have one either. Instead, in this country. Most people turn to knife crime instead. Because, to be fair, you can find a ton of them in your kitchen. So what do I do? I keep an array of swords and knives in my bedroom. They look good as decorations and look even better if I were ever robbed by a knife-wielding idiot. ^_^ The majority of people killed by a knife here, are actually killed by their own knife. So sucks if you want to go round stabbing people. =P I'm also partly trained in karate and ju-jitsu combined with my own fighting style. I've lost maybe 2 fights in my life.

So yeah... I don't need a gun, I'll defend myself without.

As for hunting... Well that just something I'm not interested in. Hunt away!
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