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In theory that's how memory works.

But, I noticed in October that Maca commonly remembers only the negative things that happen in his life. It became undeniably obvious when I started logging the positives. Something negative would happen and then we would talk, he could not remember any of the things I was referencing-and yet IN THOSE MOMENTS he had expressed how great they were!

So, for Christmas I bought him a journal to write ONLY the good things in. That way, when the shit hits the fan, which is always will, he can go back and read all of the little things that went right, that he didn't preserve in his memory.
Unfortunately-it doesn't get written in a lot.

AT ANY RATE, I'm reading a lot, working on learning and figuring out some things about myself and hopefully will have more to write on here asap.
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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