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This might sound harsh but I cannot possibly fathom how any woman would agree to get pregnant by a man she only knew online or in a LDR. Yes, three years, but still! It would take a hell of a lot of time and work on the relationship together in person, living together as a couple, and to figure out finances, for me to ever fucking agree to bring a child into the world. Thank the universe you didn't get pregnant!! What were you thinking? You're not some incubator for him to use at his whim. And to risk diseases! Sheesh!

Now, you find out he's a liar and cheater. Run, girl, run and don't look back! Then get some common sense, wouldja? Take this experience as a lesson and work on building your self-esteem and sense of self-worth.

Said in the spirit of tough love, but I mean it!
The world opens up... when you do.

"Oh, oh, can't you see? Love is the drug for me." ~Bryan Ferry
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