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Mono, what you're proposing sounds very reasonable to me. You are protecting your heart in the best way you know how, while still staying as connected as you know you can be in such a situation. If RP and Leo do move forward in their relationship, and you step back for them to do that, it doesn't mean you cannot become more engaged with the tribe at a later date. You might just need an adjustment period. People and relationships are fluid and you can ask to create what you want. The way you put it, about there being change happening on both sides of the equation, makes perfect sense to me.

I could be wrong but I thought Leo's wife didn't want them to move forward either? It seems there are challenges in this, from more than just you, but ultimately RP and Leo need to be clear about what they want. Want, not what they would consider fair. Then you have to look at what you want, and if they want to be together and stepping back is what you want, I don't see a problem.
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