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Originally Posted by redbullgivesuwings View Post
Thank you guys for your own take on things.
Itís been a few days since my initial post and wow what an eye opener this time has been.
After getting back in touch with my ex and a short game of email ping pong, last night i received "the email of all emails". It was one of those defining moments where I could finally put this relationship to rest.
After reading it my alarm bells went off (kind of alarms you get when you connect with someone you believe to be sinister). I mean I had my doubts before but when youíre in love you switch off to a lot of subtle hints.
For the very first time in 2 yrs. of knowing and loving this guy... i now feel sick to the core and rightly or wrongly my perception of him makes me feel uncomfortable and I would go as far as to say I now find him creepy. I have come to the conclusion that this fella is not quite wired up the same way as most of us. I think the the fact that i was ready to forgive his activities with escorts perhaps gave him the green light to turn up the heat and really expose him self for then wierdo he is. Only took me 2 years to gather that but oh well the main thing is I have woken up - better late than never. A very lucky escape and a BIG relief I am no longer with him.
At this point it is too early to say if the Poly lifestyle is for me...I donít rule it out. First I must spend time with myself and recover from a very screwed up relationship.
Thanks once again for all your advice everyone and see you around on the forum.
Well its like you say.. in no exact words... atleast you found out NOW. Instead of finding out later. Poly is as diffrent for each family as there are leaves on trees. So if I were you i'd do some research.. and all. And if you need to talk just give me a holler. I'd be more than happy to help answer questions and what not. As im sure anyone here would be.
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