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I would have to agree with setx.
I live in alaska. By age 8 it's common for kids here to already be trained in firearm safety.
It's only slightly less common for them to already be hunting with the family to put food on the table.
My boy (who is 11) has been taking firearm safety classes since he was in Kindergarten, because they start it in cubscouts. By age 8 he was taking those classes through a hunters training program available here.
Additionally, all of our firearms are locked up (unloaded). The kids-even the three year old-have no access to them.

I would be highly offended by a gov't that tried to take my right to own firearms away-and honestly-would refuse to comply.
However, I'm also highly offended by individuals who don't get the necessary training before they pick up a firearm AND ensure that they use firearm safety regarding their children. Which includes never allowing access to a firearm to ANY PERSON who doens't know how to PROPERLY use, store and maintain it.
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