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Originally Posted by Catfish View Post
I need to stomp out the daemons that keep me from living the life I deserve. Self-worth, security, compassion, confidence, strength. Those are not lofty ideals. Those are the bedrocks of love. The seeds of a life well lived.
First, a virtual hug.


Stomp them out? All of my wise advisers and my deepest intuitive sense suggest that this approach -- warfare -- will not only not work but it will increase the suffering and delay all healing and growth.

Please examine carefully, gently, tenderly, lovingly. Look deep. And love it all -- every bit of it, all that you are, all that you feel, all that you long for, even your fears. In this way the contracted, hurt, fearful places in your soul will relax a bit, know that they are loved, and then they can grow up, heal, change. With your loving support, your tenderness.
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