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Thanks for the word of the day! "Nong" in Australian slang, nong is used as a pretty mild and/or endearing insult. a bit of a twit, or idiot. nothing too mean or horrid is meant by calling someone a nong. from Urban Dictionary lol

Indeed, when a man not letting me know he is polyamory himself, and even had another woman all along when we date really piss me off slowly- at first I was in shock- because I was in "Love" and did not know what to say or feel- and it slowly releases and caught up with me everytime I think about it. If I see it on other people it is different cuz I can see it from there, but someone in my face it is totally hard. I felt it isnt fair when someone got u in love with them first- then discuss about many things being together- buying a house- having kids- etc.. etc.. then he slowly pulls you into something, like hint, hint, hints. I asked him if he is thinking about poly he said yes- later I asked him if he had someone on his mind, he said no. I thought he was nice guy all along- innocent and all.. now I have to deal with sorting things out, deciding if we should work it out or ditch him which is not that simple for me.
By the way, I'm not preggy, yes it is good thing! I can't go on birth control pills because they seem to make me very cranky

Thanks for your advices and links I will check 'em :-)

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