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Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post
It's past time for ME to accept that I am JUST LR and that I should be proud of that. It's not that I can't be a BETTER LR. But I can't be Ariakas or Mono or RP or RC or Maca's dream woman or GG's dream woman or anyone else. I can only be LR and I can only aspire to being a better LR.
That's ok.
Thats awesome, and I think all of us can learn from this. I blame myself for everything happening in my life. I shoulder the entire relationship breaking down myself. Its a hard road to believe we can always fix ourselves so that things can work better....

Its an impossible road...

Confidence, from accepting ones own self completely is the most attractive thing a person can do...

I write that with ease... living it... *sigh*... not so much. Keep being yourself LR, you will be the dream woman you want to be

I thought-just maybe if I take a hint from all of you bright folks, I could put some of the "milestone" moments into one thread and that way when "the going gets tough" as it's bound to do over and over-
I have one simply spot to go to look at the milestones I've already passed.
Interesting idea. An LR synopsis. Isn't this how memory works. Those key points that really meant something stick to the inside of your brain.

Nice thread LR...
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