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I would only go back to a relationship if I felt there was potential there still, for growth, change, movement, satisfaction, happiness. I don't think my partner being poly, whether I am mono or not, would necessarily make that more possible or less. Each relationship has its own pros and cons. If you feel that you're not getting what you need to be happy, it takes assessment to figure out what you need and want, and how to get it. Your needs, wants, and desires might have to come from your partner, from work you do on yourself, or a combo of both.

As for whether or not I would elect to get into a poly situation again, that would also depend on looking at the "players" involved and to judge whether or not it is something I want to be in. It depends on who it is, and how I feel when I am with that person. If I'm a mono, I wouldn't seek out poly, nor would I swear it off if a poly situation had "gone wrong." But if I met someone who was poly and there was an attraction there, I would choose to involve myself based on the same criteria I would for a mono relationship. Basically, I always ask, how do I feel when I'm with them, and how do I feel after they've left? Do I feel good about myself, about being who I am when I am with them?
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