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Originally Posted by Setxfamily View Post
Now back on Topic. My friend we are in Houston if you ever find your way to our little place in our great country we would love to meet you and take you out to dinner or something. We hope you enjoy your trip here and have lots of fun and see the wonderful sites that we have to offer. I too have traveled and like many other countries we have a lot to see and do. If you want to know more feel free to send us a messages and we can discuss it some more. We actually look forward to meeting new friends especially the ones from out the U.S. and learn their point of views and how things go in their countries and homes.
That's a very kind offer - thank you so much. One of the things I have learnt is that I have not given myself enough time there, We won't make it to Houston, but I do appreciate the hospitality.

I also appreciate the quotes from founding fathers, as I did initially seek to garner thoughts from Americans...and they are Americans. I appreciate the glimpse it's given me into what is a historical basis explaining the whole gun thing.

I actually wrote a whole lot which didn't save...frustrating !

I won't comment on substance, as I'm not American...and I'm looking for other peoples views, on their own society

I would be inclined to ask about the validity regarding a value system which seems to have been entrenched a few hundred years ago. Surely a re-visit would have value. Our world is so very different from the world that the founding fathers faced. I don't know that those values or ethics can be carried through - to our time and day..

"To preserve liberty, it is essential that the whole body of the people always possess arms and be taught alike, especially when young, how to use them."
Richard Henry Lee - American Statesman, 1788

I read the story of the 8 year old boy who shot himself in the head with an Uzi submachine gun. His father caught it on video apparently...I guess he was supposed to be shooting at a pumpkin or something...

Was the American statesman from 1788 talking about that ? Probably not...

It is a different world. Listening to people who live in this age is nice.
It would seem silly if the whole ownership of arms debate is caught up in what some people said a couple of hundred years ago. It's not is it? Surely the debate can't be...

Quotes from the founding fathers have historical value in understanding how a system developed..and how the issue of owning guns became relevant.

Surely, they can't be used as justification now though. They lived hundreds of years ago - they don't know our world.

Is that stuff actually presented in discussions about guns etc ?

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