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Wow, all really great responses!

There is alot to think about...

First off, just to be clear, my wife first suggested the idea of poly.... and this would be our first!

Its really not about sex (at least with me), I really do love her, we have a ton in common. I know my wife is very attracted to her.. but to what extent I will have to explore more before going on...

I know my unicorn, wants a mate who is into swinging as well. But I feel that is because she wants to explore her bi-sexual side as well and figures swinging is the only way. I'm not sure if she even knows about the poly life. But I do have to wonder if she will give that up to be with us.!

As far as blending into the family, I dont know how far... Personally I wouldnt mind opening my home to my unicorn. But again as pointed out what will she think...

I still need an idea how to talk to my unicorn, if and when we feel the time is appropriate. I still have a deep down gut feeling we are all thinking the same thing... and I don't want to be wrong because I don't want to loose her.

All the posts are food for thought... thank you... I will probaly re read them later and re-post.. but till then keep them coming!

Thanks all!
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