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I wouldn't consider myself and "artist" but others seem to. Apparently I'm "more talented" than I give myself credit for? My art has always been more a hobby than anything I'd consider making a living off of.

My mediums have been diverse through the years and have changed back and forth depending on my mindset and situation. I've done oil on canvas, mostly landscape scenes and most of those have been given to family and friends over the years. I also sketch everything from cartoon characters to portraits, though my hands are not what they used to be for that particular artistic expression. I like oil pastels and colored pencils to add color when I want. Lately, I've been designing tattoos for friends, mostly tribal and Asian themed. I love knowing someone is going to have a one-of-a-kind design on them made by me-and that I don't have to give up the original. (I've given away so many pieces and while I love knowing someone is enjoying it, I always feel a tiny twinge of loss.) I've been getting into polymer clays over this last year. I sculpt mostly animals and fantasy creatures. Making human forms is something I'm working on but it usually causes agitation as I am a perfectionist. I paint these by hand with acrylics. I've also dabbled in beaded jewelry making, wood carving, and began scrap booking with a friend with pictures of our kids. Not exactly "art" but something I can put together in 20 minutes to create something satisfying.

It's been awhile since I've really been able to do any of this. My son is not a child to leave me be. So many of my supplies have been used as his playthings in the last year or so, some with and some without Mommy's permission. (Read that as clay full of dog hair, oil paint on the rug, an easel set far too low for me to use, expensive broken pencils, scribbles on several finished pieces, and crazy glued clay figures.) It leaves me feeling creatively frustrated (if you don't use it you lose it feeling) but at least I'm fostering creativity in him.
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