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Poly offers a whole other gammot of things to a relationship. Commiting to something like "love" is HUGE. Especially to swingers. You say she might already be into this, and that would be great if she is, but make sure that you know for sure what your boundaries are before setting out... then tell her your thoughts... give her time to think and then set boundaries together. She might still want to look for a partner that is mono, she might still want to swing. She might want to move in. These are all things to discuss and take slowly. At least consider taking slowly. NRE is also HUGE and can make people do stuff they later regret. You know this woman as someone you like to have over and fuck (totally assuming here), there is a big difference between this scenario and taking out the garbage, deciding what to do on the weekend, who will pick the kids up, who gets to have a date next tuesday... blah blah blah... it isn't all wine, chocs and fucking. Just saying Lots to think about and lots to take in. It could go swimmingly or bottom out... it could be great for a time and fall on it's face. You are going to learn tons, and sometimes feel bliss and sometimes extreme pain.... but you will be living as big as you can its your choice.
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