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Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post
I'm not flamecat,
but I do know what you are talking about.

I happen to find it VERY aggravating to have the expectation that I limit affection in front of Maca. I do it-because I ALSO love him, but it does bother me. GG does not ask me to limit my affection for Maca in front of GG.
Unfortunately this sometimes leads to ego b.s. with Maca, which just makes it even messier for me.

Personally-Maca and I have agreed to no other partners in our bed. Maca has had other partners in our bed, and I'm ok with that. But-after the last trial with him trying to find a new partner we agreed that it was better to keep that space "conflict free" so to speak.

It's a non-issue with GG. He is mono. So he doesn't bring other people to his bed and I wouldn't either.

As for "in the car"-who cares? (not your car, ours).

Mostly-I'm not possessive that way. I love the guys. There is no need for me to limit them in regards to how they show affection to others or where.

The primary limit I have is not pushing myself or the children into building relationships with their others faster than they've earned OUR relationship. Just because they spend time getting to know one of the guys does NOT mean that they deserve our close friendship. They have to spend time getting to know each of us individually for that to happen.

Thanks lovingRadiance for the input,

I think your primary limit is absolutely reasonable and very wise to say the least. You said GG doesn't ask you to limit your affection to maca but thats different than saying it doesn't bothers him. As I wrote here before "I don't care if the do it in the car just do it in the garage". And yes I would have a problem with them doing it on the hood just because I know how expensive it is to replace and or fix, hoods aren't designed for that use. Not my ego talking, I wouldn't do it on the hood of that car myself same reason. Maybe bent over a fender with polishing rags in each hand...then just maybe.

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