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Well I just got the most breathtakingly nasty SMS from the GF again, saying I've tried to ruin her life and relationship and haven't succeeded and that if I don't keep my (insert swear word for genitals) in my pants while she's overseas that she'll "tell the whole town wot a predatory skank u r". Wow. This is way too much for me. I forwarded the message to T so she knows what's going on and we had a chat and she said K is in a rage 24/7 about the whole thing to the point that T is frightened. She'll come around later today so we can talk about where to from here. Considering we haven't done anything wrong (we don't think we have anyway) neither of us want to give up the friendship but I'm not sure how that can be possible given K's massive reaction to T and I asking for permission.

I just find K's "high moral ground" approach on this very strange - she once made a movie shown on TV showing her engaging in sexual activity with random fetishist men (she is disabled) and so everyone in town has seen she is not sitting in a corner with her legs crossed. She has cheated on partners and been involved in cheating from the other side. She knows full well I never have but she reacts this way? I assume it's from a position of fear and she's doing the equivalent of pissing all over "her territory" before she goes away so I won't touch it.
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