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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
However, I do see that what your friend stated is also true. I think it's important to acknowledge the comparisons that can happen and might even be unavoidable, but not necessarily to let the comparisons dictate how I conduct each relationship, because they are all unique and deserve evaluation on their own merit.
Comparisons can lead to questioning behaviors but I always think comparison can be dangerous. I call it the "compare game," and I think it's important to know when it's appropriate and when it's not to let comparisons affect us.

I think it's still possible, even if I'm comparing two intimate relationships, for an introspective or more objective inquiry into the nature of one of them. And perhaps comparing even demands that we separate ourselves, to some degree, from those comparisons -- in other words, try to step back and see the differences or similarities as tools for understanding and not weapons, which is also a way comparison can be used. I would always hope to assess a relationship in a fair manner that considers all the pros and cons, and allowing comparisons to just be a jumping-off point, and not always a standard for judgment. Does that make sense?

Yes, What I get from each of my relationships (and this is true of each relationships, not just each LOVER, but friends, children, siblings etc) is different.
Some of them don't happen to be WHOLLY or completely different.
Obviously there is somewhat of an exaggeration when I say that is true of GG/Maca as well; because they both give me sex, which is somewhat the same; and yet it's got a completely different "feel" to it.

The thing is, going back to all relationships-I do notice their individual strengths and weaknesses. My 19 year old I would ask to drive somewhere. My 11 year old, only in a SERIOUS emergency (that I can't imagine) and my three year old, no way. My brother is the one I always call if I have a logic and reasoning question, my sister regarding health issues. Different people are better at different things and I appreciate that about them.

BUT- I don't terminate friendships/loves/relationships because one person is better than another at one thing or another....
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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