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thank Ithink for the reply
I began my post before yours arrived so some of this maybe cleared up. As for the car is an antique or rather 70's vintage. It has been in/at car shows. It is 1 of 3 in our area that I know of. It has been in local parades, boy scouts,etc, etc... I own a business in the community, I'm involved in my kids sports teams, I do volunteer work so consequently me and the car are all over the place and are recognizable and are kind of connected. Because of all the activities my kids are involved in, too many imo ..thats another tread,... it next to impossible to know where everyone is in relation to each other. There's been a number of times when one of them will say "what where you doing at X location or the marina ,etc,... saying I saw your truck or saw the mustang".
I think I need to add that several years ago a built a vacation home up on lake. Way more man hours in the house than the restoration of the car. But because of the isolated nature of the house I have no problem with its use, all rooms and furniture even the hot tub. I'm not sure of the religious origin or its consequence. Do you know of religions that disconnect marriage and sexual fidelity? Hindu, buddist ??? I don't have A clue.. Thanks again D
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