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I really like this forum. In my first post I said it felt like I was standing on the edge of a cliff with the fresh clean wind blowing in my face and that remains true to this day. I think there should be some kind of banner disclaimer on the front page saying words to the effect:
WARNING: Reading the printed word without voice and body mannerisms can lead to miscommunication!!! Please someone invent a qwerty keyboard with built in emoticons.
I really value the insights and comments of all the members and the senior members have done an excellent job of keeping the forum focused on staying open minded and fair. Personality conflicts are almost inevitable but imho I think the mod’s and senior members have been good about reminding people that we are all entitled to our own opinions and to keep personal attacks at bay. Keeping in mind that this forum is dealing with one of the most emotionally charged topics of human behaviour I think the forum has done fantastic. Among my many personal flaws is a tendency to over think things and also to get tunnel vision and see my own viewpoint as the only valid one. Input from the members here usually puts that nonsense to an end fairly quick.
We are very isolated here physically as well as we do not fit the usual demographic for Poly people. Okay...that is just a “small” generalization and I apologize but I did not know how else to phrase it. Finding someone to share and learn about Poly has been an almost impossible task here so the forum fills a huge void for me. The Poly groups I found are either dead in the water or seem intent that everyone must “go public” and join media surveys, university thesis papers or parades downtown.
I would love to be able to sit around in a group of Poly people and drink some coffee and share stories etc face to face and perhaps make some lifelong friends that “get it” but the distances tend to be huge and lives tend to be busy. Many years ago there used to be Chat rooms on MSN and sometimes I wonder if a live private chat room within this forum might provide some more intimate contact and sharing that some people appear to desire. It also might be a can of worms no one wants to open. I suppose there are always e-mail and/or messenger for those who want to communicate in a bit more private setting.
So thank you to the mod.’s for the Poly forum and to all those who contribute and help keep it “alive”.
I would feel a bit lost without it now.
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