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Yeah I'm interested about what happened to Star and this issue. I'd be sad if your friendship has suffered over this. I'm not excusing your husband for what he did but it does sound like he's gone all out to re-affirm his love and care for you which is nice - if he was truly ignoring the issue he wouldn't have done that and shrugged his shoulders and told you to get over it already.
It's so weird the way he can't focus on you when others are around. Is he socially anxious? Maybe you don't actually fall off the radar but he's so nervous about pleasing the other, less familiar people that he blanks on the one he's most comfortable with. He knows you love him so it subconsciously becomes all about making a likable impression on others? Yikes. I just don't know.
My partner has been guilty of this before. She is someone who is anxious around what other people think of her a lot, but when it hits the fan she roars to my defense or side. She is someone who never had a truly secure relationship with a partner before and she knows I'm always with her 100% but of course doesn't have that feeling about other people, so she does tend to try and please them rather than me in some settings. I have learned that this is really about her insecurity around others rather than me so I don't take it personally.
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