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All 3 of us shave. Pubes are so annoying when they get in your throat; not very sexy to have to stop the action to pick one off your tongue, either.

But shaving is so scary for me! Always afraid to knick the wrong tender little fold... And the hair grows back fast, and it's so itchy...

I've been asking my daughter -- who is 23, lives in NYC and is SOOO much more worldly -- about Brazilian waxes, which she gets. She says the hair doesn't seem to grow back as quickly, plus it seems softer when it does. (Anyone?) I would like to get one but I'm intimidated.... I guess you have to look at the enesthetician (spelled right? Hair-removal specialist) like an ob/gyn, maybe? My daughter gets Brazilians at a salon which is run by Russians. Apparently in her opinion the Russians are the best in this particular skill. I'm not sure why she didn't find some.... Brazilians???
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