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Originally Posted by greeneyes View Post
I think you might have said this, but I did want to ask... does your partner know that anything about non-monogamy? Is she the type that gets jealous easily, or is easily hurt if she feels she has to "share" you? Those things may color your approach... but even if she is this type of person, I would be thoroughly honest regardless, to be fair to her. I don't think you would want her to "hide" things from you, right?
Nope, she is pretty traditional in terms of "one S.O. at a time" rather than sharing a person with someone else. Also I can easily describe her as competetive by nature, which isn't a huge leap from jealousy. I have never tested this jealousy, having basically no close female friends in the city we live in. So I imagine she is going to have trouble understanding all this. On the plus side, we sort out our differences pretty well as long as everyone is in the mood to talk calmly. I am certain I will tell her but it is going to have to wait a bit due to some other issues she is dealing with right now. I certainly can't expect a good outcome by bombarding her when she's already stressed! Thanks for your input.
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