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Originally Posted by Bricklie View Post
I'll have to redraft my entire personality. Damn.
Hey, you compare me at 23 to now, not many years later and I am completely different! Completely! But if you told 23yo me that I would say you're a fool. At every stage of your growth/development/psychosis/regression you'll have people that will be there saying things like "Yeah you're fine, you're good" even when perhaps you aren't. People will tell you pretty much whatever makes them feel comfortable "Hey don't want to upset you or hurt your feelings as then I may have to comfort you".

You can work on your personality and you're body to an extent. But as a woman you can only have kids in that 15-35 period with high success rates, and then that's it. Doesn't matter how much confidence you get, or how well you "flaunt it", your youth is gone. If you can use your assets to attract better mate(s) that will stick with you in the long term why not use them?

You must remember that the poly community is broad and has a higher distribution of people over 35yo than normal society. Why? Well it's easier to embrace polyamory once they've had all the children they want and natural jealousy declines.

So to break it down, embrace that hard 23yo body.... haha. Sounds like a porno sometimes on this forum....
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