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funny you should ask... I'm looking too..

Saturday I had lunch with some slash writers... found out that slash isn't what I thought it was at all.(it sounds like violent porn to me.. but is actually... well see the def at the end of this post.) That got me thinking about poly stories/ poly porn.

But I'd want educational/respectful/meaningful poly porn.. not the cheater porn or the cuckold porn. To make E/R/M porn... I'd need lots of conversations...You know, that communication, y'all talk about. Maybe I should look through the slash stuff first..

BTW: here's the link to the wikipedia description of slash..

Here's the definition:
Slash fiction is a genre of fan fiction that focuses on the depiction of romantic or sexual relationships between fictional characters of the same sex.[1][2] While the term was originally restricted to stories in which male media characters were involved in an explicit adult relationship as a primary plot element, it is now often used to refer to any fan story containing a pairing between same-sex characters, although many fans distinguish the female-focused variety as a separate genre commonly referred to as femslash. The characters are usually not engaged in such relationships in their respective fictional universes.[3]
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