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Default Fellow artists?

This whole past month I've been on a break from school and working tirelessly on creating Precious Metal Clay(PMC) jewelry for a show I have coming up on the 19th of this month. Thus my sitting on the computer all day- I keep up with you all as I create in my studio. (I'm a shameless facebook hound as well

Right now I'm firing a batch of rings and pendants in the basement.

Over the past several years I have been exploring metal art- welding, blacksmithing-then casting in bronze, aluminum, iron- and started to hit on a passion- the casting of metals. Then an artist friend gave me a whole mess of dried-out PMC and I ran with it. Had to reconstitute it all, learn the firing process and kiln use mainly through the internet- lots of trial and error and a couple of meltdowns.

I hope to use this show as a launch for a custom metal objects business- actually have 7 pieces lined up to make after I finish up with the show for friends and family.

I have dabbled in all sorts of mediums- clay, wood, all manner of metals, drawing through it all, even a little painting. The thing I love about casting is that you can use any material in the known universe to create a texture or shape- any number of materials for mold-making, many processes for filling the molds. Plus I like shiny things and fire

Using PMC, which I have in silver, bronze and copper- they also make platinum and gold- has been so great- I am able to go crazy with the casting process but also sculpt, do assembly pieces, burnouts, make anything in any medium and be able to reproduce it in precious metals. Plus I don't have to have a cupola or a huge amount of materials- metal, sand, binder, etc. to do it. It's just like modeling clay in a lot of ways, and comes out pure- not alloyed-i.e. fine silver- 999.

Any other artists out there? I'd like to hear about what you do.
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