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Originally Posted by MMMark View Post
Sunday, February 06, 2011 19:27 EST
. post #5

* I'm using the word "connections" in the sense presented on pp 23-24 of the book Love Unlimited:
Interpersonal connections

1. Emotional
2. Physical
3. Recreational
4. Economic
5. Family
6. Spiritual
7. Intellectual
8. Passionate
9. Cultural
10. Esthetic
Sorry to get off topic. I initially got all excited by this, thinking it would give me another way to describe relationships rather than primary, secondary etc. But once I started writing it down I realized it still doesn't work. A relationship can be "lightly connected" in terms off number of connections but they can be felt very deeply, i.e. ultra passionate. So how does that work? I was very connected to my husband in terms of financially, family, physically but it meant squat to me in the end.
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