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I was raised with a lot of contradictory attitudes to religion - have some Orthodox Jewish relatives who we were always "not supposed to upset" by having them confronted with the evidence that we were culturally Jewish in my home rather than religiously Jewish. Was sent to a Conservative flavor Jewish Day School which in itself is quite the indoctrination....
I can really understand where Lobster is coming from, though I come from a different religious tradition. Also, because many people I care about are still stuck living under rules from over a thousand years ago that had much to do with the political situation of the time, I feel frustrated that today's leaders leave us stuck under this system, especially when the Jewish system of scriptural interpretation makes staying stuck really unnecessary in my view. In reality I am agnostic (that is, I think there is some kind of purposeful force/Being or Beings running the universe - have no real opinion on its nature though other than I think it is basically benign and it is humans who are busy screwing things up for each other and themselves), however - every once in a while, especially when I have a manic episode of bipolar I get stuck back in the ultra Jewish religious gear, but I hope I have enough self realization at this point to be done with getting stuck like that...)
Still when you associate religion with family and keeping the love of everyone in your family it is a real head trip. Keep being supportive of Lobster and his struggle to figure out his own Spirituality.
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