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Default Feb. 7 - My Poly Valentine!

It's tomorrow night in Alphabet City.

From the OpenLove NY announcement list:

Drumroll please....

This month's Poly Cocktail is our 4 year anniversary!!! It's also Valentine's month, and of course, Poly Cocktail needs to celebrate love our own way! We celebrate love with freedom, compersion, and independence! (We'll leave the usual possessive consumerist Valentine's love to the diamond commercials...)

Monday, Feb 7th. "My Poly Valentine"
Affaire, 50 Avenue B, 8-11PM, free!

[Note: that's 2 blocks east of 1st Ave., between E. 3rd and E. 4th Streets]

We encourage you to dress up in red, dress to express your identity, dress to celebrate freedom, or dress up a little bit special if you're inspired!

We plan to have a questionnaire treasure hunt to get a chance to talk to people about their poly journeys, with some fun sexy raffle prizes for those that complete it. We also plan to acknowledge some of the people who have been around all 4 years (so if that's you, please join us)! We'll also have some nice hors d'oeuvres and some variation on cake (feel free to bring a food contribution!). You won't want to miss this special celebration.

PLEASE NOTE: We normally have Poly Cocktail on the second Monday of each month but this month we have changed to the first Monday so as not conflict with Valentines Day itself. Please make a note!! There will be NO Poly Cocktail on Feb 14!!

Diana & O Man
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