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Default Thanks

Thanks for the welcomes!

I am used to public forums where you can get flamed for being too specific, so I learned to be vauge. I will try my best to open up; I am a man after all... you know how tight lipped we can be. (LOL)

Answers to Rarechilds questions (thanks for asking and helping out a "newbie").

Are you currently single? Yes (Divorced)

What is your concept of polyamory?
I gather from reading that it is an all-encompassing term for those who love and partner with more than one other. I really like the concept set forth on the website that is just like monogamy, but with three. I am straight, and have never been unfaithful... nor will i ever be; It's not in me.... I am not promiscuous.

What attracted you to this website?
I began researching "Poly" after learning that My Brother and his Wife's "roommate" is their triad partner. I wanted to know what is up with that? and if it something that I might be interested for my own life. I think it is.

What is your background regarding relationships(monogamous, swinger, poly, etc)? Always straight monogamous one-on-one. Never even tried a threesome. I have friends that are swingers, and that doesn't appeal to me.
To each their own... right?

Any other info that would help us to understand what you're thinking about?
I just want to be happy like everyone else. I have a lot to offer.. very romantic, and a gentleman always.

I am a professional entertainer, so some discretion is wise.

I hope this makes for a better introduction.. Again Thank you all.
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