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Hi there Ariakas
Thank you for your comments. I think you may have a very valid point there about a "thrill of cheating". I did try to address this with him when i confronted him about the escorts. It crossed my mind that his activities could be some kind of power game and perhaps more to do with "getting one over" on his partners and stroking his over inflated ego.
As for addictions I would hazard a guess and say yes he has an addiction or obsession to sex, porn and masturbation.
I still have a lot of unanswered questions I would like put to him, however, with a history of lies I am beginning to doubt whether there is any point. The whole idea of being open is being honest after all. Something hes already scored low marks for.
Will keep you posted on developments.
I would like to add one further point. If it were not for my deep search for forgiveness and understanding I probably would never have come across this forum so regardless of what may happen between myself and the ex he has quite possibly done me a favour and steered me in the right direction - the whole idea of polyamory actually quite appeals to me.
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