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You would be correct, he was raised Mormon. Raised Mormon and by a controlling mother who forced it on him and a father who was fairly standoffish unless it was church related. The guilt and the self destructive thoughts that have come from this...his feeling of responsibility for everything, his guilt for even having feelings..It's too much to bear sometimes, especially for myself who is not an emotional person. I shut down, he clings.

Maybe I shouldn't answer this right now because it's been a rough morning but..I will do it anyways and shake my head for it later.

I see where this behavior comes from, but I don't process guilt trips well, even when I know..and so began the vicious cycle. I don't know how to get us out of this cycle. Because this recent situation is what opened his eyes to it, professionals who he's tried to talk to come back to "No no, your issue is that she wants a boyfriend. Divorce her."
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