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Today was the first day I went on a date with GG, without asking Maca's permission.

Now, I wasn't RUDE or secretive. I did tell him I was leaving, where I was going etc.
It's just that I always ask him if it's ok. I always ask his permission.
He hasn't really said I HAVE to-but I always have and it's always bothered me.

Today-I just didn't.

He didn't freak out or anything. He told me to have fun. He stayed home, made dinner for him and the kids, watched a movie, wrote to you all, read some more of the Non-Violent Communication book.

I had a good talk with GG. It was relaxing and we both came back re-energized and in good spirits. Maca was doing ok emotionally. Nothing about the nightmare of his week is gone, but he wasn't worse just because I went out with GG.

He did hurt himself (arm) while we were gone, nothing serious.... I felt bad, he was having an issue opening a door. It could have happened even if I WERE here and he certainly wasn't blaming me or trying to make me feel guilty when he told me about it.

All in all-I'm proud of myself and I'm proud of him too.

I feel like that was a major milestone for me.
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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