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Am I correct in remembering that Lobster was raised Mormon? IMHO, that is a whole different kettle of fish. Quite far removed from any of the more traditional or even non-denominational fundamentalist Christian churches in the US.

I am only slightly familiar with LDS because I do genealogy, but from what I've seen whenever I go to an LDS research library, is there seems to be much less emphasis on the Bible as there is on the Book of Mormon. It seems to me that people who were raised LDS and leave the church, even if they were dissatisfied with it, do seem to need a little bit of deprogramming. It's very cult-like. Not to say it is a cult, but...

Has Lobster ever visited ? [Mods: not a commercial link] Good information there for someone who is struggling. They have a page with links to blogs by ex-Mormons. Might be good for Lobster to read them, because it is simply a different experience from other types of Christian religions unfamiliar with important LDS rituals/beliefs, such as sealings, celestial marriages, baptizing deceased ancestors, and so on. Viewpoints from ex-Mormons might help him a lot in coming to terms with some of the issues and doubts he has.
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