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I fully agree with everything that's been said already. Most relationship adds something to your life so how can a loving one not affect you, which in turn will affect the way you are in your other relationship?

What interests me though is what is really underlying your question? I don't know your back ground but I have noticed that some men get very hung up on their sexual performance when they are in a position to have it compared to someone else's. I think this is behind the "one penis" policy some men like to have in place.

I once spent ages communicating with a guy in the armed forces about his marriage and his wife who wanted to open it up. After days of support and communication his primary concern came down to "But what if she does things with him that she won't do with me; what if he's better than me?"

If your questions have already been answered, great, but if your real concern is this let's talk about it.

For me the quality of the sex is an extension of the quality of the relationship, end of story.

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