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I went to a birthday party last weekend and had nothing to give the hostess. Her birthday had actually passed a week before and she was not expecting gifts... but I brought her something anyway. I brought her a bowl I made out of paper... origami. I got the instructions off the internet and me an LB made them. He is big into origami lately. It's easy, fun and you can make elaborate things that look amazing. The bowl is a good idea because you can fill it over time, or right away. You can decorate it and draw things on it too.

I like to give picture frames also... I don't give the picture quite often though. It depends on the person. I like to give a picture every now and then to someone I have given a frame too. I give one the same size so that it can be put in over the last one... A picture can be printed for under a dollar if you bring your digital camera in somewhere. Provided you have one... I figure that is a gift that keeps giving...

Derby gave me a little book once that she wrote in a bit, with the promise to write more... I really liked that.

You could make a book, a frame, a bowl.... all are gifts that I love and they have the potential to keep on giving.

Oh ya, another. I have a jar that I pasted tissue paper on so that the light shines through and makes colourful light. I put in it little sayings I like, little reminders. Little affirmations..."I am loved" "I am okay as I am" these kinds of things. I have angel cards in there and some little things I like to look at that are precious (feathers, rocks, shells, sticks, pine cones, fabric). I take something out every day and put it beside the jar so I can contemplate it. I LOVE my jar... maybe this is something she will like? You could start her off with her own jar?
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