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Hi Lemondrop. I will quote a bit of your other post first.

"I was upset and uncomfortable.
But what happened the FIRST TIME we all got together as a group? I got left out. I WANT to believe that everyone loves me and this won't keep happening. But what has happened is I feel like 1) I'm not important. 2) My husband is into this and I can't do it for him. Worse, he didn't even bring his appetite to me afterwards, so he is eventually going to realize that he isn't interested in me. 3) I'm always going to take second fiddle to Wife#2. 4) Because this was all done unintentionally, this is what they REALLY want and they just don't realize it yet."

This comment has caused me a lot of pain and a degree of anger. I must admit there are others much more experienced in this situation. I am pulling away for a bit to see if I have anything to offer as well as if I can approach it objectively.

I have an amazing polyamorous relationship and it is very difficult for me to think of the pain some people on here are going through..I am so grateful to Redpepper and her husband..I am very, very lucky..and sad that others are struggling. This is not easy and I feel the things you do at times but this is so worth it when everyone communicates 100% honestly and identifies what they need and want.

I am so in love with Redpepper I could bust and would feel guilty if I didn't know she loved her husband just as much. She is on her face and in her eyes when she looks at him..I love seeing them together. They are sacred to me which is why this works so well for me and fills us with happiness.

I hope you are getting the support you need.

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