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Religion was not meant to harm others..... people do that. i have a diffrent perspective on it all I guess. I take some of what the church says as good.... then some of how they interpret things as the bunk.

I choose to live close to the creator.... and in my heart I know what is right. As does everyone if they choose to listen.
Each religion I feel is part of a bigger puzzle... IMO no one religion has all the answers. Why... because they were not given everything.. after all some things are not our business as humans... and we need to leave what is the Creators... TO the creator and let him take care of his business. And when He wants us to know something.. He'll let us know.... either way. Trust in yourself.... trust in what your heart says... if you ask something.. you already know the answer to.. all questions are answered within yourself... if someone takes the time to sit back and look at things from all angles.

I am not trying to preach or nothing... just stating my point of view.
sometimes the way we are brought up..... has negative effects on our lives... but we learn from that to. And its those lessons that make us who we are. Just so long as what was put onto us as children does not hinder our lives as adults.
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