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Well, I did say that we hadn't ruled out the possibility of falling in love, but I would also have thought that it's possible to love in different ways and with different intensities - the love I have for my closest friends for example is different to the love I have for my husband - I don't expect to ever love anyone in the way I love him.

However, the main difficulty we have is that there is almost no social circle outside of ours - the area we live in is like one big community which is lovely in some ways but very difficult if you intend to behave outside of society's norms, which from the response we have had so far, we would be - I just find it so hard to believe that when there is honesty and trust in a relationship whilst giving enough freedom to enjoy the company of others, it is regarded as almost as much of a taboo as cheating (comments I've had so far include 'well why did you bother getting married in the first place?' etc. and these are from the more open minded people we know!)
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