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Wow...sounds like you live in a bad area in regards to the honesty and communication level of these 'officials' you have been dealing with. Well, I'm glad your testing has come back okay so far. I'll send you healing and healthy vibes.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It's unfortunate that your aunt felt the need to attempt to introduce any additional hardship or turmoil in your household. I think it's sad when people, especially those who have some sort of existing relationship with you, would rather cause a scene in your life than come to you personally to discuss their viewpoints on a situation, if that is the case. I, personally, weigh all of my relationships on a case-by-case basis without any biases due to relation or association. My family has been my best teachers regarding how untrustworthy and self-centered and ill-intended people can be so they don't get any special treatment. My chosen family are customized to the experience I want to have in life. I hope you have a great weekend.
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