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One of my favorite (cheaper!) gifts is a photo in a frame. I've gotten some nice ones at the dollar store, and you can glitz or personalize them yourself for an added touch.For the photo itself, it could be anything! I generally go with a photo of myself and the person I'm gifting it too, or a group of friends, or occasionally a piece of art of landscape I'd know they'd appreciate.

My other standby is goodies! Depending on the eating habits of the person you're gifting, you can make sweets or something savory.
Sweets, I'd recommend:
You can make these with pretty much ANY kind of sandwich cookies. I like to use Newman's Own brand, the chocolate cream kind, because they are organic and taste amazing. I'll also swap out half the cream cheese for some of the cheesecake filling you can buy in the store now.
After you've made some, pick up some cute wrapping thing. People that like "gifts", I've found, are more about the experience of being given something unknown and unwrapping it, then just being given an object. After all, how lame a gift would it be if someone just handed you a gift card?

Best of luck!
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